Step 1: Lock in the price

Chose your gas station, fuel grade, month for use and gallon amount. Let's say you lock in the gas price at $2 a gallon for 10 gallons. You pay TankWallet $20.

Step 2: fill up and pay as usual

Later, when you fill up at that gas station, the price has gone up to $3/gallon. You still need to pay the gas station $30 for a 10-gallon fill-up.

Step 3: Get reimbursed instantly for what you pay at the pump

Although you paid the gas station $30, we will reimburse you that $30 instantly. Since we track live pump prices, all you need to do is tell us how many gallons you filled up!

Once you lock in a price in the app, the price you pay at the pump will be fully reimbursed. Essentially, what you pay to TankWallet is what you spend on gas.